Mace Engineering Performance Cam Package [V6]




Up to 40hp gain with a tune
Fantastic torque gains across the entire RPM range
Street-friendly, tractable RPM range
Comes with installation instructions
Suits standard and high output Alloytec/Ly7 motors

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If you think you’ve gone as far as you can with bolt-on performance parts or are even rebuilding your late model Alloytec V6, it’s time to consider the benefits of our eagerly anticipated high-performance camshafts. Once tuned, not only will our cam package provide instant power gains and great sound but it will open the door to further upgrades enabling you to extract more power from potential modifications.


We have developed a series of high-performance billet camshafts for your Holden V6 Alloytec engine. Designed to deliver real-world horsepower and torque gains, our Alloytec cams won’t compromise the drivability of your vehicle, like some cams can.

You are provided with four brand new billet camshafts, so there is no need for change-over or deposit and we have packages to suit every model and transmission. We are even able to provide cost effective remote custom tuning for vehicles MY08 vehicles and beyond. Otherwise, please note that in order to make full use of these cams, a custom tune is required.

This package provides power gains up to 40hp between 1500 and 6000rpm. This increase has been achieved without sacrificing any noticeable low-end torque or drivability. Despite the excellent performance characteristics of this package, the engine remains tractable and responsive at low speed.

These cams have been designed to be used with the standard valve springs and engine components, so you are not required to replace any other engine components.


The camshaft is one of the most vital components inside your engine, controlling when and how the intake and exhaust valves open and close inside your cylinder heads directly affecting not only how much power you make, but where in the rev range it does it.

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12mm, 25mm