Monster Clucthes LT1-SC TWIN DISC – RATED AT 1000 RWHP/RWTQ


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RATED AT 1000 RWHP / 1000 RWTQ

1 = Worse | 5 = Best

Clutch Expectations Rating ( Scale of 1 to 5 )
Street Manners 2.5
Noise @ Idle 5
Chatter 2
Pedal Effort 5
High RPM Release 5



Modifications Rec or Not Rec
Nitrous Recommended
Supercharged Recommended
Turbo Recommended
N/A Stock Cube Recommended
N/A Stroker Recommended


The LT1-SC twin will have chatter/shudder while starting off in first and reverse, this is worsened by the lightweight flywheel. This setups is designed to have a light pedal effort and hold 1000 rwhp economically while giving up drivability for pricing. If you are looking for something to hold this power and retain stock driving characteristics you need to look at our LT1-S triple disc unit.

Note from the owner:

We’ve been notified and have noticed a rash of people attempting to copy or duplicate our clutches. You can rest assured that all Monster Clutch frictions, plates and flywheels are made right here in the good ole’ USA. We don’t use inferior parts, we use the real thing. All of our pieces are under contract by engineers and cannot be sold or offered to anyone else. This protects your investment as a purchaser to know that not just anyone can get what you have. Note who you are buying it from, if it’s not directly through us or one of our many dealers and distributors worldwide be cautious! Make sure your Monster is the genuine thing, beware of imitators!