SOLO Performance Axle Backs (PPV)


V8 Kit Includes

  • Axle-back pipes
  • Exhaust tips
  • Adjustable j-pipes
  • Gaskets and all necessary hardware.
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Solo Performance is glad to release another unique exhaust kit to the G8 community. The G8 Axle-Back exhaust kit is a direct bolt on kit, it bolts onto the flange muffler connection of the stock Pontiac exhaust. Solo’s G8 Axle-Back exhaust kit is made of stainless steel and comes with J-pipes to eliminate the dreaded G8 drone. The tips are polished stainless steel, dual 3” staggered.

This kit was designed to be an affordable alternative to our full catalytic back exhaust kits. It sounds very similar to our full G8 Mach exhaust kit, it has a wonderful tone throughout the spectrum. We would recommend this exhaust kit for the customers who are looking for an incredible sound at a great price.

The four cylinder mode is low and “guttural”; Not many would call the 4cyl note pleasing but it does not drone and it certainly is bearable. The 8cyl mode has a rich, full, deep, aggressive tone. It was hard for us to believe this quality of exhaust note could be achieved with only an axle back replacement. This kit comes with gaskets and all necessary hardware.

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