LSXOnly Spark Plug Wires 40ohm/ft


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LSXOnly Spark Plug Wires, manufactured by Dragon Fire, offer:

  • 45°/135° Plug Boots
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Extra-strong high-grade copper/stainless steel terminals
  • Superior EMI/RFI suppression technology
  • 40 ohm ultra-low resistance
  • 600 degrees F-rated silicon
  • PentaCore alloy conductor technology
  • Military-grade aramid fiber core support
  • Designed for off-road use only

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Dragon Fire Race Series spark plug wire sets feature the perfect combination of ultra-high heat resistance and reliable high-voltage delivery to outperform and outlive most other wires. Their multi-layer construction and industry-leading, spiral-wound conductors provide maximum voltage transfer, regardless of your coil type. Make strong spark delivery one less worry when building your ultimate performance project with a specialized set of Dragon Fire 3000 Race Series spark plug wires.

Assembled in ISO9001:2015 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities under strict quality control to ensure each wire is crimped and assembled for strength and perfect fitment for life

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