VG Sharkfin [Custom Painted]

$99.99 $85.99

VG’s Sharkfin Antennas are made to add style and functionality to your G8!

* Custom painted to match your car and color code
* Easy Installation
* Antenna Type: Mark II

*NOTE: Processing can take up to 4+ weeks, as each pc is made to order and painted to order. This is a “Special Order” item, please see our terms and conditions for additional details.


Earn up to 86 G8Only Points.

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Finally, car enthusiasts can equip their cars with a functional shark fin antenna for that unique and upscale look.

Our VG Shark Fin Antenna is not only visually appealing, but also features a built-in fractal antenna. It is a direct replacement for cars with a rear roof antenna, installs in a matter of minutes with no special tools required and the installation is completely reversible.

Each VG Shark Fin Antenna is custom painted to match the color code of your car, which is specified in the description.

Shark Fin Antenna has a built in antenna that screws directly into your antenna base, fits over the top of the whole antenna base and is easily installed onto your car via a 3M custom adhesive gasket in a matter of minutes. Every one of our shark fins are painted to match the factory paint and color code of your car!

Our VG Shark Fin Antenna is an original concept and design. They are manufactured and assembled in Canada; therefore, its quality stands out. You won’t be able to find this product anywhere else!