What e-mails should I expect placing an order?
  • Once and order is placed, you will receive an email receipt that states your order is processing.
  • If any notes are added to your account, you will receive an email detailing the note added.
  • Finally, once the order ships completely, you will receive an email stating this and your final tracking numbers will be included.
What are the order steps
  • Pending Payment: This means your order has not been paid for yet, but is in our system awaiting payment.
  • Processing: Once your order is placed with us, it will automatically be categorized as “Processing” until we physically process the order.
  • Processed – Waiting for shipment: This status means we have physically processed your order and it is either being packed and labelled or has been sent to the manufacturer for fulfillment. 
  • Awaiting Waiver: This means we have sent you a waiver for one reason or another and we cannot continue processing the order until the waiver is completed and sent back.
  • On Hold: This means that may be an issue with the order and someone will be reaching out to you. 
  • Completed: This means that the order has been completely shipped. You will receive an email at this point with your final tracking numbers. 
Why do I have to sign a waiver
  • Waivers are sent in various scenarios
  • Suspicious order or highly fraudulent area
    • If our filters flag your order as “Suspicious”, or if you live in an area where we have seen a high number of fraudulent charges, you may need to fill out a purchase waiver verifying you not only own the card used at time of purchase, but that you authorized the charge.
  • Order for “Off-Road” Exhaust
    • If you have ordered an exhaust that made and intended for an “Off-Road” vehicle, you may be required to fill out a waiver confirming that you understand their intended use.
What are order notes?
  • If your order requires any special instructions, or if the items will ship separately, we will upload “notes” to your order that will automatically be emailed to the address you used when you placed the order.
Why have I not received any order details or updates?
  • Order receipts and details are automatically emailed to the email address entered when the order was placed.
  • If you have not received ANY emails, please check your SPAM folder to ensure our emails are not being filtered by your ISP.
Where is my tracking number
  • Once your items ship, in part or in full, tracking numbers will be sent to you via email. If you do not get these emails, please check your SPAM folder to ensure our emails are not being filtered by your ISP.
Why was my order to California cancelled
  • Due to strict CARB laws, any orders placed, shipping to CA, for items that do not meet CARB laws will be cancelled and refunded.
Do you ship outside of the continental US
  • We now offers ground shipping to Canada & Hawaii! You will notice in your cart, that you are charged a flat $55.00 for Canada shipping. This is just a guesstimate on proposed shipping charges. If the shipping charges end up being less, we will refund you the difference. If the charges end up being more, we will bill you directly for the difference in shipping. **NOTE** Shipping charges do NOT include any duties or taxes charged to you at the receiving end.
How do the Points work
  • Points are accumulated by purchasing items on the site. For every $1 spent, 1 point will be awarded. 100 points = $1 value toward your purchase. Points will accumulate and expires after 12 months from purchase date. Points have NO CASH VALUE and can only be used on the corresponding website.
Why is my promo code not working
  • Promo codes may be applicable to only certain items, if the coupon code is not working on your order it could be due to the items in your cart are not applicable. Or, it could be that your are trying to use a coupon that has expired or it could be that you are trying to use more than one coupon code. Many coupons are not stackable.
How can I sell my products on your sites
  • If you are interested in having us sell your products, please contact us via: info@lsxonly.com or call us 877-225-9076
Do you offer sponsorships
  • Sponsorships are decided on a case by case basis and currently we are not accepting any applications for sponsorships.
Was your question not answered above
  • If you have questions that have not been answered above. Please feel free to contact us with the information below.
  • General Support/Technical Questions: support@lsxonly.com
  • Order Inquiries: orders@lsxonly.com
  • Returns: returns@lsxonly.com
  • Phone: 877-225-9076 | 732-268-0503