PRC LS3 Aftermarket. As-Cast Cylinder Heads


Precision Race Components all new LS3 as-cast cylinder heads completed with CNC machined chambers & valve guides. For  LS3/L99/L92/LSA/LS9 applications requiring a high flow aftermarket cylinder head at a competitive price!

  • As-Cast 257cc Intake Runners With CNC Machined Chambers & Valve Guides For Unmatched Flow!
  • 68cc CNC Machined Chambers as Standard; Can Be Milled Down to 64cc Chambers & Still Retain Better than Factory Piston-to-Valve Clearance
  • Thicker Deck Surface Makes Them Ideal For Power-Adder Applications
  • 2.170″ Hollow Stem Stainless Intake Valves / 1.600″ Stainless Exhaust Valves
  • Utilizes Factory Rocker Arms
  • Optional TSP Spring Kit w/ PAC Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers
  •  Available with Hollow-Stem Intake Valves to Reduce Valvetrain Weight

Flow Data (4.00″ Flow Plate – No Exhaust Pipe):

Price Is For 2 Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads Come Assembled as optioned.

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The all new PRC LS3 As-Cast cylinder heads are now available for customers looking for the ultimate as-cast LS3 cylinder heads available. The new PRC as-cast intake port has been flow bench tested to flow 369 CFM & can support everything from smaller camshaft street engines all the way to all out race engines. The cylinder heads will come standard with 68cc chambers, and we can mill them as small as 64cc while still retaining better than factory piston-to-valve clearance! We can mill additionally to get to your desired chamber size for no additional charge!

 .200″  153 CFM  114 CFM
 .300″  233 CFM  163 CFM
 .400″  287 CFM  191 CFM
 .500″  329 CFM  214 CFM
 .600″  357 CFM  228 CFM
 .650″  369 CFM  233 CFM