G8Only Exclusive Race Vents

Race vents, originally referred to as “Rally Vents” due to their popularity in international rally events, have become somewhat of a staple among consistant track goers and auto-crossers. Many tracks have rules in place that do not allow the driver to roll their windows down during events. In the summer months this can result in a very uncomfortable cabin environment. These vents allow drivers to vent their vehicles while staying within the regulations of their tracks. They can also be used while cruising to keep you comfortable without the front windows down.

These stylish, yet functional rear window vents will supply steady air flow throughout the cabin without the head pounding wind buffeting (aka Apache helicopter noise) that is so common in these sedans.

This patent pending design is constructed from auto-grade ABS plastics and held together by seven (7) hex head bolts with stylized fender washers. These vents will cause no damage to your car, window or tint when used properly. G8Only accepts no responsibility to damage to your vehicle by improper use. These are made for off-road use only.

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