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We put our KOOKS 2″ LTH to the test! And they PASSED with flying colors!

On the dyno at Procom Racing – Toms River, NJ

So we have seen and heard some chatter online about the pros and cons of going with our Kooks 2” headers vs the Kooks 1 7/8” headers on an NA build. We all know that when boost is concerned, “bigger is better” is typically the recommended way to go. But what about the rest of us who want to gain some power on our NA builds? Does that rule still apply? 

We wanted some real world answers and results, so we decided to do a test for ourselves (Test done on a 17 SS N/A). These dyno runs were done just 11 days apart, at the SAME location, using the SAME Dyno. We have ZERO connection with this shop.. it is just a local reputable import tuning shop in the area. (You can look them up Procom Racing). 

I asked if there were any changes made to the dyno in between the runs, or any corrections for weather, etc, and they said they do not run any weather, or other corrections whatsoever… They give you exact numbers on the day you bring it in, with whatever the current conditions are.

The only change in the setup was the headers. We even ran the same fuel (pump 93). I did not drive the car hardly at all since the first dyno and had about 1/8 tank when I brought it in for the results run. There was absolutely NO TUNING changes made.. just the header swap!

The 1 7/8” kooks headers were removed and our 2” Kooks headers were installed right after the first dyno run (within a day or so) — I only waited this long to get back on the dyno due to the shops availability.

As for the weather (since I know this might come up) — The weather this time of year is pretty much the same every day.. on the original run at 9am it was about 75* out.. and today is just about the same (see photos) — also, we are pretty much at sea level here, give or take.


  • -VCM Intake w/LS7 MAF
  • -Ported Throttle Body
  • -RCR Ported Manifold
  • -RCR Ported, polished and milled LS3 Heads
  • -RCR Dominator Pro Cam
  • -Kooks 1 7/8” Headers (First runs)
  • -SSOnly/Kooks 2” Headers (Todays Runs)
  • -SOLO 3” Catback w/Catless connection pipes
  • -RCR Tuned

Original run is the Solid line.. later 2 runs are the dashed lines.

Original Runs Results

  • Eng Power @ 484
  • Eng Torque @ 457

Todays Runs Results

  • Eng Power @ 509
  • Eng Torque @ 490

If you look at the graph you can see we DID NOT lose power or torque ANYWHERE in the band.. and instead picked it up across the board. The band follows the same path as before.. just more power!

I know a lot of you have combatted these claims in the past.. but this is pure unedited data ran at an independent shop with no other changes but the headers.. you dont have to agree.. but you cannot deny.

And before anyone starts with doubts or trying to call us out for fudging the numbers or weather, etc, etc, — just stop.. dont waste your time.. the numbers dont lie!

Some might say they dont believe my car makes this much power.. or that it should make more.. all that is nonsensical..this test was simply done to see a real life comparison before and after the header install.. I dont care if the numbers read 300 hp to start.. gains are gains!

If you are interested in purchasing these headers (retail or wholesale) please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 

Dyno Results
First Dyno Day
Second Dyno Day
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KOOKS 2″ Headers – Background & Customer Review

If you have owned your car for more than a day or two, you have most likely heard to name KOOKS. That is because KOOKS is widely considered to be the best in aftermarket performance exhaust products.

So when we wanted to work with a brand to bring a 2″ (primaries) header to the community that not only fit perfect, but performed perfect as well, KOOKS was our only option.

KOOKS is by far the industry leader in the Holden community here in the states, that being said, it is a safe bet that if you gathered 10 owners with aftermarket headers, at least 7 of them would say they are running KOOKS. With that in mind, we wanted to come up with a solution that would be beneficial to the majority of our community.

Furthermore, with KOOKS being as wide spread as they are, other exhaust manufacturers have made it a point to create connection pipes to attach to their unique header collectors. These brand (SOLO & CORSA) are also some of the most popular cat back setups on the market. So we wanted to parallel ourselves with a brand that was usable with other, existing leaders of the industry.

In doing so, we ensured that these new 2″ Long Tube Headers will not only bolt directly up to your existing KOOKS X-Pipe, but also bolt up to ANY existing KOOKS compatible exhaust setups via their KOOKS connection pipes. In short, with these new headers you don’t have to replace the entire exhaust to upgrade your current KOOKS or compatible setup. Just the headers!

Recently, James House of JMG Motorsports was one of the first to get his hands on a set of our new 2″ headers, here is what he had to say about them.

“The craftsmanship of these headers is outstanding…”

“Install took about 2 hours… I never once touched a sledge to clearance anything.”

“…install was easy and the quality was top notch.”

Besides our new headers, JMG also installed a brand new SOLO 3″ Street Race Cat Back as well. This shows the versatility of these headers. They seamlessly bolt up directly to the SOLO cat back via SOLO’s catless KOOKS connection pipes.

*We will have some 1 7/8″ vs 2″ dyno results coming soon!


KOOKS 2″ Headers

This EXACT Setup (Save $100)


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A rare overhaul of a 1-Owner Untouched G8

With the last MY (model year) G8 coming up on being 10 years old, it is very rare to find one unmodified and still held by its original owner. That being said, it is an even a rarer event to learn that this owner, after so many years of owning it in its stock form, is ready to heavily modify walks Troy Schnack.

Troy reached out to us looking to bring his G8 to its best possible version of itself. His build list seemed to grow daily, and in the end almost nothing was left untouched. All of the wrenching for this project was done by our friends Jason Posner, Kenny Thorsen and Derrick Rodrigues out of their Staten Island shop (aka: Sesame Street Racing).

Above and beyond the parts Troy got from us, he also purchased a CTS-V2 Brembo brake upgrade kit, some OZ wheels, a G8 Designs double din radio upgrade and some paddle shifters to start. Finished off by a full paint correction.

The Parts List

  • G8Only Ultimate DOD Delete Kit
  • RCR Spec Cam
  • RCR Tune
  • Camaro Trans Pan
  • Holley Valve Covers
  • LS3 160* Thermostat
  • VCM OTR Intake
  • Kooks 1 7/8″ Long Tube Headers
  • SOLO 3″ Catback w/Catted, Kooks Connection Pipes & 3.5″ tips
  • Circle-D Multi-Disc Converter
  • G8Only EZ Install Transmission Cooler Kit (20.5k)
  • Mighty Mouse Catch Can
  • BMR Rear Sway Bar
  • BMR HD Rear Sway Bar Links
  • BMR Rear Toe Rods
  • BMR Rear Trailing Arms
  • BMR Cradle Bushing Inserts
  • BMR HD Front Sway Bar Links
  • BMR Rear Trailing Arm Outer Bushings
  • Russell Stainless Brake Lines
  • H&R Street Performance Coilovers
  • Spyder LED Tail Lights
  • Morimoto HID Low Beams
  • Morimoto LED Fog Lights
  • Morimoto Bulbs for EVERY bulb in the car

Quote from the owner:
“First day of daily driving, all the way from 15 mph zones to ~100 mph on the twisties. Everything is great, gentlemen. The suspension work puts that amazing amount of power to the ground perfectly. The brakes inspire confidence, and it is so damn flat in the corners. Wonderful!”

*Special thanks to Troy for allowing us to be part of his build! And a genuine thank you for you and your wifes service to this great country! 

The Photos

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LED Headlights – Morimoto vs. Profile Peak – Pros & Cons

One of the questions we get a lot of is what is the best LED headlight option for my G8. That question is not always an easy question to answer. So to help you with your decision, we have decided to write this Blog Post explaining the difference in the high-quality LED options we offer.

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Coilovers… What’s the difference between the brands? Pros and Cons.

There are several brands of Coilovers on the market for our Holden based Pontiac G8’s. One of the questions we get asked most is what the difference is. Which one is the best and what are the “Pros & Cons” of each?

That being said, we figured it would be a good time do offer this write up comparing the three most popular sets of Coilovers we offer. If you have any more questions, please let us know via our live chat and/or our contact page.

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G8Only Exclusive Race Vents

Race vents, originally referred to as “Rally Vents” due to their popularity in international rally events, have become somewhat of a staple among consistant track goers and auto-crossers. Many tracks have rules in place that do not allow the driver to roll their windows down during events. In the summer months this can result in a very uncomfortable cabin environment. These vents allow drivers to vent their vehicles while staying within the regulations of their tracks. They can also be used while cruising to keep you comfortable without the front windows down.
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