TSP N/A Stage 1 Camshaft


225/236 .629″/615″ 113 LSA, 109 ICL as Standard

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TSP’s all new line of LS3 camshafts are the result of our latest round of engine dyno camshaft development using our state-of-the-art Superflow 902 engine dyno. Using a brand new LS3 crate engine, we started from scratch to build the most powerful LS3 camshafts available in the country.

The stage 1 225/236 camshaft represents the smallest off the shelf camshafts currently available from TSP for the LS3-based engines.  This camshaft is designed to make more power than the stock camshaft , even in the lower RPM band!  This camshaft is a perfect option for customers wanting a very streetable setup that has a slight lope at idle.  It is the largest cam we would recommend for anyone running the factory torque converter in auto-equipped vehicles, and it is also an excellent choice for manual-equipped cars wanting maximium streetability!  We recommend this camshaft for LS3 or LS2 engines using L92/LS3 rectangle port cylinder heads!

225/236 .629″/615″ 113 LSA, 109 ICL as Standard

Camshaft  Peak Gain HP/TQ  Peak HP/RPM  Peak TQ/RPM  Avg. HP 3000-6000 RPM  Avg. TQ 3000-6000 RPM 
 Stock  484 @ 5700  479 @ 4300 399.4 441.4
225/236 113 LSA 65/23 550 @ 6300  502 @ 5200 427.0 468.8

Stage 1 LS3 Camshaft Dyno Test

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